Hummus ||Syria|| V Marinated chickpeas/lemon/olive oil/ house pita • 8/14

Falafel ||Egypt|| GF • V Mango puree/tahini/pickled onion • 8/14

Baba Ghanoush ||Lebanon|| V Charred eggplant/tahini/olive oil/ house pita • 8/14

Olives ||Pan Mediterranean|| GF • V Citrus marinade/chili/herb infused olive oil • 6

Ful ||Egypt|| V Fava bean puree/marinated chickpeas/heirloom tomatoes • 8/14

Sampler ||Pan Mediterranean|| V Selection of traditional vegetarian dips/pickled vegetables/house pita • 16/24


Beet Salad ||Italy|| GF • VG Roasted beets/winter citrus/pea tendrils/beet Gastrique/pomegranate/taleggio cheese • 10

Seafood Salad* ||Pan Med|| GF Rotating selection of fresh seafood and accompaniments • MP

TIQA Salad ||Levant|| GF • V Local greens/seasonal vegetables/pickled onions/house vinaigrette • 8

Lemon & Lentil Soup ||Jordan|| V Red lentil/toasted pine nuts/fresh herbs/ house pita • 8


Mussels* ||Portugal|| White wine/chorizo/saffron/tomato/toasted bread/ grilled lemon • 16

Fried Cauliflower ||Syria|| GF • VG Tahini/harissa yogurt/crispy shallots/fresh herbs • 12

Brussels Sprouts ||Israel|| GF • VG Crumbled feta/toum sauce/marinated chickpeas • 9

Bacalao * ||Portugal|| Cod/potato/Romesco sauce/caper aioli/micro cilantro • 10

Calamari * ||Italy|| Crispy Italian breading/roasted tomato aioli/grilled lemon • 14

Ribs ││Spain││ GF Braised pork ribs/preserved fruit glaze/manchego-cauliflower puree • 13


Chicken ││Turkey││ GF Halal chicken thighs/shawarma spice rub/ spiced rice/mango glaze/toum sauce • 22

Shrimp  ││Tunisia││ GF Harissa marinade/couscous/saffron aioli/ grilled lime • 32

Beef Tenderloin ││Morocco││ GF Ras el hanout rub/moroccan spiced potatoes & zucchini/roasted garlic puree/cilantro • 32

Vegetable ││Greece││ V Assorted vegetables/garlic and herb rub/ grilled pita/marinated olives/hummus • 19

Lamb Merguez ││Algeria││ GF Spicy lamb sausage/couscous/roasted root vegetables/mint and cilantro yogurt • 28

Mixed Grill ││Pan Mediterranean││ GF Choice of any 3 kabobs/spiced rice/pickled vegetables • 31


Executive Chef ||Kevin Cappello|| Chef de Cuisine ||Josh Bennett||

GF: Gluten Free VG: Vegetarian V: Vegan * This item may be served raw or cooked to order. Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, fish, shellfish or egg may increase the risk of food-borne illness. Please inform your server if any member of your party has a food allergy.

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