Two years ago we headed to Israel and Palestine to learn more about the cuisine in this special part of the Mediterranean. This weekend, we’re heading back! THIS TIME TO JORDAN, & we’re bringing you along through live-blogging!

Pan Mediterranean is so much more than recipes and selections on a menu. There are places and stories to every dish we curate and base on the winding shores of the Mediterranean. So while we’re there, we want you to see what we see, taste what we taste and experience the recipes, voices, and people that make our menu the most unique & delicious in New England.

Beginning this Sunday, January 13th, we’ll be blogging through the photos, words, and with the spirit of an ancient land that knows a thing or two about food. From the capital of Amman to the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, from the ancient ruins at Petra to the desert villages of Wadi Rum. Join us in this food expedition that begins in the Levant, and ends on your plate at TIQA! We can’t wait to experience new dishes to share and introduce you to the people we meet along the way!

Carol and Deen