From GoNOMAD, summer 2018

“The burgeoning food scene also includes Old Port’s TIQA, a colorful Pan Mediterranean spot that pulls inspiration from cuisines hailing from the Levant region, Turkey, and Pakistan to name a few which are highlighted on a map illustrated on their menu.

Co-owner Carol Mitchell and Steve bonded over their shared part-Lebanese heritage and the savory influences of their grandmothers’ food.

“My sittoo – that’s what we called my grandmother – is my greatest influence and the food she used make for our family dinners.

I remember the smells and flavors from my childhood, and then she passed recipes on to my Irish mom, so it’s really a big part of why we were inspired to open TIQA,” Mitchell told us of the playfully traditional menu as brunch crowds meandered in from the neighboring Saturday farmer’s market.

Not short on flair or flavor, the food is enhanced by the bread and pastries baked in-house in an open kitchen. Fragrant warm pita with Mediterranean extra-virgin olive oil and that Za’atar was just addictive. We actually stopped at their other location when returning home.”


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