The kitchen team has introduced fall lunch, bar and dinner menus with an in-depth focus on the foundations of Mediterranean cuisine.

Shareable plates are at the core of this fall’s Mediterranean menu. Dishes are all house-made and include: hummus and tehina; beef, chicken and kefta kababs; mezze plates; soups, and salads featuring warmed squash and artichoke. Highlights include steak, chicken, scallops and lamb dishes inspired by the traditional flavors of France, Palestine, Lebanon and North Africa.

PAPAS BRAVAS | SPAIN (New Bar Plates Menu– fall 2017)
Deep-fried Smashed Potato, Smoked Jalapeno Ketchup • 8

CAULIFLOWER & LABNEH | LEBANON (New Dinner Menu – fall 2017)
Fried Cauliflower, Chipotle Labneh, White Peach Gastrique • 9

HUMMUS | SYRIA (New Dinner Menu – fall 2017)
Chickpea Puree, Crispy Chickpeas & Shallots, Yogurt, Pita • 6

ARTICHOKE SOUP | ISRAEL (New Dinner Menu – fall 2017)
Pureed Artichoke, Potato & Leek Vichyssoise, Crispy Shallots • 8

BRAISED LAMB | NORTH AFRICA (New Dinner Menu – fall 2017)
Slow-roasted, Braised in Pomegranate Molasses, Mashed Potato, Crispy Root Vegetable • 30